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[MISC] [RELEASED] James' Intro Pack 2017

  • James' Intro Pack 2017

    Getting bored of the normal introduction for GTA 5?

    I originally planed to recreate it to make it shorter, but instead came out with a bunch of intros with different styles and in the future, plan to create more and improve current.

    The original video is from my introduction for my YT channel, so I thought I'd change a few things, shorten it, and voila!

    Installation is in Read Meeehhh... (Very easy installation anyway)

    I'll update this overtime from feedback.


    1.6 LATEST

    • Added Battlefield 4 version (Flash transition option)
    • Added GTA IV version
    • Added Liberty City Stories version
    • Rearranged files for easier navigation

    1.5.1 (hotfix)

    • Corrected file names on short versions (sorry about that)


    • Added a 2 second version w/ Welcome to Los Santos music
    • Added a 2 second version without background (GTA IV Style)
    • Fixed timing of the first rockstar logo on the main version
    • Fixed quality of audio for main version

    Please take this poll above to help me with the future of the mod.

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