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Biker [Script] join a MC, ride with Mc, kill for the MC. LSPDFR but for biker content?

  • Well we have a whole entire community dedicated to LSPDFR and the cop community of GTA5.

    We also have had people make prison mods where you go to prison, and even better we had someone make a Gang mod where you can join the familas, ballers, and grove street, credit to jedijosh920.

    What about making a mod/group like LSPDFR but for BIKERS? how would it work?

    You pick a 1% MC to try and join you can join the let's say... Angels of death, and or The Lost MC, other MC's can be made later on. If you don't already know in traditional clubs you have to prospect before you can join the club so perhaps the club will take you in already as a prospect and you have to do errands/task for them to gain their respect. in example :

    1. going across town to pick up food for patched members/picking up small drugs like pot.
    2. picking up members bikes from impound lot/insurance company.
    3. dishing out educational beatings to certain people etc..
    4. guarding a club house and rivals come to kill your MC and you have to defend it.
    5. blowing up rivals bikes with moltov cocktails/beating their bikes in/cars with baseball bats/melee weapons.
    6. picking up prostitutes across town who work for the MC and bringing them back to the club house.
    7. beating a prostitutes client because they were threatening them so you beat them up for the club.
    8. you have to ride with the club in the back of the pack for a lot of miles/time to gain respect.
    9. members have left a crime scene of a dead body and you have to go burn it so the MC doesn't take the heat.
    10. Bar tender: You can sit behind a club house bar and each member will ask for a certain drink we can create a menu of serving drinks and you pick the drink of what you'd like to serve the member/what they asked for.

    A very small example of 10 task you can do to earn the MC's respect so you can earn your patch as a full member. the Script/mod can save your info/progress as a prospect so you can join later and continue your Life as MC prospect member.

    You could even add in a respect meter once it's filled a certain amount, you can then be patched into the MC fully and get the full back patch of your MC.

    Once your patched in what duty's would you have as a full patched member?

    1. You can NOW discipline prospects that have screwed up! a prospect has screwed up and it's your job to serve him a educational beating. we could spawn these randomly or every once in awhile as a side job.
    2. you can now deliver big drugs like meth, coke, heroin, and arms dealing/weapons with your MC to other members in different areas, or just different people who wish to buy them. basically delivery missions but with your MC or even Solo since you have trust now you moved beyond gathering food and delivering pot.
    3. a patched member doesn't want to give up his cut and the club voted him out he's now on bad standing with the MC it's your job to beat him up badly, or kill him and the get cut/patch back.
    4. a ex patched member has a tattoo of the MC patch on his back and he's not in the club but still has it. go visit/find him and beat him up so he knows he has to remove it.
    5. Get into wars with the familas, grove street, and ballers and other rival Mc's and the cops.
    6. MC fight club you can fight inside organized MC fights to win money/respect
      7.Another patched member is pulled over by the police he has warrants and if the cops catch him he's going away for a long time. it's your job to ride by the cop and cause a distraction.
    7. you have to go bomb/ catch on fire the rivals MC club house.
    8. we can have spawn missions like in LSPDFR where a officer hit panic button, but instead of that a MC member has called in back up and he's in fight and needs back up.
    9. recruiting prostitutes for the MC/ recruiting members .you can go hang out at local bars and talk people into joining the club as a prospect/hang around.
    10. a meth dealer is slinging meth in your MC's turf. you have to go beat him up and let him know no slinging crystal in your MC's turf!

    Things we can also add : Back up menu like in LSPDFR but instead of cops prospects/Full Patched members on motorcycles spawn near you to come help you.

    We don't need voice actors yet or at all.. we can simply get a MC issued cell phone and the missions can spawn Via Text kind of like the Lost and the Damned.

    Not sure how hard it'd be to mod in riding with the MC but that would be pretty amazing to be able to ride with 4-10 people.

    etc... you get where I'm going with this by now. we could have a LSPDFR style script/community but with Bikers instead of cops.

    Anyone down to create this or would like to see this happen? People Fund LSPDFR modders all the time we can get together and fund this as well once it's set up and running and enough people want this.

  • Brilliant idea! I was hoping this too.

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