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Remove " latest file uploaded " and add more featured file

  • Well, when i connect i like to see what kind of file rappo feel good to " feature " but I almost never take a look to " latest file" part since we already see wich one is the latest upload in the category

    the idea would be to make the main page showing only featured file like "best mod of the week/month " instead of showing twice the " latest file uploaded " ( first time on main page then a second time on category page ".
    i don't know if that clear enough, just say me

  • @Shaezbreizh Oddly, I only ever look at Latest Files. I don't even bother looking in the featured files, I just scroll down the front-page to see what's on there and then click the Latest Files link. I can then see what's new in every category, without having to go through each one in turn.

    It's more convenient and means that every new mod has the chance to get noticed by me, even if it's in a category I wouldn't normally look in.

    When Apple removed the New Releases option from iTunes, I stopped using iTunes completely. Even though I have an iPhone, I don't have iTunes installed.

  • @LeeC2202 xd
    personatly i'm always checking the category page that i've an utility in and not other.

    it take like few second and it display ALL mod instead of the latest of the latest ( the main page don't display a lot, but only 16 of the latest mod all categoryt mixed so you've more chance to miss a mod than by checking per category that interest you),
    and by this way i can see the latest file in each category that interest me and not the one that don't interest me ( for exemple some people dont care about map mod, some other don't care about skin mod, some other don't care about car mod etc etc)
    so the main page part about "latest upload" is totaly USELESS in my opinion since i'll see them anyway in the category i've an interest too, and that it only show the 16 latest all category mixed while than by checking per category we're sure we don't miss any since it will display 24 of the latest mod per category.

    **The idea that I suggest, is about highlighting more of the best mod and for a longer period (some time mod are highlighted/featured for like 1,2 or 3 day wich is a bit not enough in my opinion),
    So i suggest to set something like "Best mod per week", and previous week best mod are still seeable at bottom so people that didn't connected in the 3 day of the " featuring" don't miss it.

    I don't know, I feel it will get more utility than display Twice time the " latest file " than anyway we will see (even more of them) when going into a category.**

    About apple , I feel like it's a bit off topic bro, I mean, is it an argument ?
    For exemple, Are you gonna stop to go on 5mods cause there is no more the new releases displayed on first page, but they're still on each category page ( since mod are sorted per date of upload) ?? I guess no

  • @Shaezbreizh said in Remove " latest file uploaded " and add more featured file:

    About apple , I feel like it's a bit off topic bro, I mean, is it an argument ?

    No, it's not an argument, none of my post was an argument.. it was simply an opinion based on how I use the site, with a related situation used as an example of what can happen, when bias becomes the primary factor in determining exposure for artists.

    The point about Apple was that they gave equal exposure to every artist in the New Releases section, nobody was top, nobody was best, nobody was more important. The minute you move to featured, or favourite or any other type of filtered collection, then it's a biased exposure list. As a result, Apple only showed what was commercially popular, relegating those of maybe lesser talent, or simply new artists, or more likely less money-earning potential, to the back-roads where they had a lesser chance of being seen.

    I simply believe everyone should have a fair chance at their 5-minutes of fame and they should get that chance in a collection of all the mods that are released. I don't visit the paintjobs or scripts section but that shouldn't mean that the people who create those types of mods, should be denied their chance of appealing to me as a user.

    And it equally shouldn't mean that I should be forced to go through every category to find them, because if that happened, I simply wouldn't visit those categories at all. The less categories I visit, the less relevant the main site becomes. So would I stop visiting, based on how I find things becoming more restricted? Most definitely.

    When something stops being convenient, then it stops being useful... at that point, it stops being relevant... to me.

  • @LeeC2202 well, i think i get the point, even if apple is apple and is doing that for money while 5mods is not, the interest are totaly not the same, so compare the two is a bit too much in my opinion.

    the thing is that the "latest file" on main page don't really highlight " everyone " as yu said, except if you check the mainpage everyhour/everyday wich is not everyone case.
    Also it's again less useful, if some other people are like me and just don't care about this part of the main page cause they don't use all kind of mod but only the one that interest them, and that normal, I mean we don't have all the same interest, it will not reduce at all the utility of the site as you can think.

    The only thing that in my opinion highlight modder work on the main page is the " Featured " part, that why i recomend it to expand to make it highlight more people works.
    Sure, everyone should deserv a chance but let's say it, not all work are equal. And getting people '" attention " on mod that don't interest them can lead to bad feedback or even low rate

    Getting a better feature part, with few more mod, and showing the featured still after few day will just encourage people to work better, so in some way encourage modding.
    And that not like if every other people work was removed from the site, we can still see who are the latest file uploaded on each category, on the category that interest user, and for longer ( since it's not mixed like it is on main page and there is more result) so more benefit than the " latest upload " of main page in my opinion, that why I feel like it's useless to display it twice time.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, though I'll probably be leaving it as is. The right two columns show the most downloaded/most liked from the past week, which are usually previously featured mods anyway.

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