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[Vehicle] [Completed] Mikoyan MIG 35-D Aircraft. For Voltrock

  • About Mig 35, I sent a email to author to know if we can to use this model in gta5 :

    alt text

    I ll pay this model if somebody is ok to do it and with multiple livery (i ll do : Russian, Chinese and others)

    So, i wait someone :)
    U can to participate to have this model into gta5

    Thank you ;)

    Nobody = to do it myself :( (i can't to promise a really good result)

  • @Voltrock tell me more about the model. Don't buy it yet.

  • @Voltrock it's a rip off $200 not worth it! I mean, it's good 11.3k polys but i have a model that costed me 40$ and has better textures polys 90 k.

    If you haven't bout the model yet , I advise you against buying it, it's not that good for that price. But if you have already made a purchase I'll help you convert it.

    Yet it feels like a shame 200 dollars.

    This is the model I have and it has a few liveries
    alt text

  • I wouldn't call it a rip off since the author probably still spent a lot of time in making this model and that's just the price he chose for it.

  • @Oskar well. you are probably right. but it's expensive yo.

    Edit: My apologies to the author, didn't mean to undermine his Efforts and talent.

  • @FoxtrotDelta not a problem for the price but u show a mig 29 from fsx or Tom clancy hawx, i ll pay this model, i keep it for future :)
    Mig 35 ll be in Russian air force (Военно-воздушные cилы России) this year (2017)

    Now i m busy to learn Zmodeler3 by myself, i test many thing on F18F model but i don't know the way in the end (gear, lighting, multiple extra "tank or missil")
    i need a very good tutorial about helicopter and plane/fighter with picture and different step :(

    About this fighter, i contact the author and it s ok i think (i prefer to wait permission to avoid some problem and maybe we ll have exclusivity on it and just in one website)

    i had just 1 answer from author below:

    "From : Андрей Симоненко
    Sent to : Thursday 30 march 2017 14:04
    At : Voltrock
    Object :Re: Model into GTA5

    Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us. Could you tell us, please, what format are you using in GTA5? "

  • @Voltrock tell him, we use obj format preferably. And we convert obj to yft format which is rockstar propriety format for its gta. Engine.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It s done ;)

  • @Voltrock if he agrees I'll convert it for u. Will provide template for livery making . for me 200 USD is a bit much for that model. if u have no problem, there is no other issue

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thx u so much, i ll contact u soon!

  • @Voltrock gr8.

  • @Voltrock one Question though. just out of Curiorsity,

    Can you name the differences in Air frames [Physical Appearance] of MIG 29K and Mig-35 II?
    i don't see Any difference in airframe. and no news article or research paper says of any Physical changes on the Looks [Appearance] of Air Frames between both Aircraft. Just elongated engine?? Can be easily done, tilted aileron? Easy done.

    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta in fact there is not difference of the price between mig 29 and mig 35, so i prefer to have mig 35 xD

    it s me, i see a sukhoi if u keep only the back of this fighter 00

  • @Voltrock you can have the model I have mig 29 for free, that's what I was offering..

  • @FoxtrotDelta ok, mig 29 is done by canal embrear, i ll give u the model mig 35 tomorrow or saturday ;)

    Tomorrow big day for me (work)

  • @Voltrock ok.

  • i have moved the Topic to work in progress Section. as i have Accepted the Request and am ready to work on it. Soon.
    alt text

  • @Voltrock

    This landing gear part is going to be Hard :P i hope i can do it it's different than other aircraft. i want to keep the maximum details and realism.

  • @Voltrock Sadly there are no Air Brakes on this 3D model. any ideas where the Air brakes are on the New MIG-35D improvment? i'll make it myself.

    Latest MIG 29 Improvment had These Airbrakes installed.

    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta ok thx, i forgot air break, i think it s not really the same airbrake tahn Mig 29
    i ve some pics
    alt text
    alt text

  • Otherwise just use rudder airbrake movement, most modern fighters use those. (Both rudders move inward when braking, see F-22, F-18, etc)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak this movement can't be use over a big speed (little plane is 120 km/h) or u have a accident (u ll create a UFO xD)

    Edit : i see now what u talked about, rudder on empennage, it don't use it i think, i don't see picture with that
    There is a EOTS on mig 35 00, same system with f-35

  • @SkylineGTRFreak thanks Skyline!

  • @Voltrock I have taken the airbrakes off from a mig 29K.

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