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GTA5 crashes after two re-installs and 6 different Steam cache verifications

  • Honestly I don't f*cking know anymore. In my previous post I solved one step by adding in a required file (stupidity, huh?). I didn't mod it until today, however, and I just now found out that if I put the entire "update" folder into a brand new, empty, "mods" folder, the game crashes whether I modify the stuff in the update folder or not. I'm sick of it and I don't know why this happens and/or what causes it. As the title stated, I have now re-installed the game twice and re-verified the game 6 times through Steam (approximately). Here's an image of how my GTA5 root directory looks like when it doesn't crash.

    root folder (picture)

    Any help is appreciated, because I'm frankly just sick of this. I haven't reset the documents folder because there are only saves in there. If that would solve the entire case with this update, I'd be glad but confused.

  • @Jezz

    Post the logs tho.




    So we can see what is causing the issue with those. If not the problem is somehere else

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