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  • Hello, i see a lot of great truck mods but havent see a personal favorite. if anyone is interested in making a jacked up mud truck or even a stock city version of the Toyota Tacoma I would love for it to be added to GTA V!

  • Banned

    me too i think the tacoma could be cool in GTA .

  • i have a Hq model of 2017 Toyota Tacoma and 2015 tundra . if i get something in return i could invest my time and money into the requested project.

  • @FoxtrotDelta What are you looking forfor something for something in return? because i want to see the 2017 tacoma (With different options for suspension stock 3inch lift 6 inch lift etc) and tuning options like bumpers light bars etc

  • @datsun280zx He's looking for some $.

  • @datsun280zx well in return it could be 20$ for a provate mod, 40 $ for 100% owned mod with permission to upload anywhere under your name.

    Alternatively you can offer me a rare 3d model u have if u have it. Anything that gives me the motivation to work 50 hours on this vehicle ;)

    My friend @V4D3R has the right idea there :D

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