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Native to make game register bumping into and getting jacked?

  • Hey. I love playing as a freemode character in SP and giving her a voice to make her feel more alive. But there are still some things missing. I want her to react to being bumped into and getting jacked. (Although that happens very rarely.) I'm looking for the natives. Does anyone know them?

    I already found the jacking ones, I think.

    IS_PED_JACKING(Ped ped)
    IS_PED_BEING_STUNNED(Ped ped, int p1)
    GET_PEDS_JACKER(Ped ped)
    GET_JACK_TARGET(Ped ped)

  • These might help:

    IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_ENTITY(Entity entity, Entity targetEntity)
    IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_MODEL(Entity entity, Hash modelHash)

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks. I'm going to test those. :)

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