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[GIMS Evo] [3ds Max] How to make a custom ped!

  • Hello guys! If you have clicked on this tutorial, you may know there are not many tutorials regarding ped conversion using GIMS Evo. And so, here I am to save the day! I'm also learning the process, but I want to share the few things I have learned so more smart people can figure out how to successfully and completely convert a ped using GIMS Evo.

    This is going to be the final result:

    3ds Max (free if you use the Student version)
    GIMS Evo

    You will need some knowledge about blender and how to use, also how to use 3ds Max. We will learn how to use GIMS in this tutorial.

    Setting up
    To start off, you will need to install GIMS Evo into 3ds Max. Follow the instructions given in the link above. After installing, launch up 3ds Max. GIMS Evo will download a few things if it is your first startup, otherwise this is how you'll be greeted:

    On the right side, you can see GIMS Evo's in the Utilities tab.

    Click on the door button under the GTA 5:
    It will then ask for materials.dat and materialfx.dat:

    To get those files, open up OpenIV. Click
    If this is your first time using OpenIV, follow the on-screen instructions until you get to this:
    Now, to get the two files(materials.dat and materialfx.dat) click on common.rpf, then click on data. Materials.dat is in the materials folder. Right click it and extract it to any folder, I usually make a new folder named Game Modding and put it in it:
    0_1490958343961_Capture.PNG 0_1490958359419_Capture.PNG

    Now go back to the data folder and now go to the effects folder. There you will find materialfx.dat. Extract it to the SAME folder as you did for materials.dat. Now, go back to 3ds Max and browse to that folder:

    Once it is loaded, you will see this window:

    Loading up a normal model in GIMS Evo

    Now that that is done, we need a base model to work with. Most people use ig_bankman(poor guy) and so that's what we will use.

    Using OpenIV navigate to x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf and find ig_bankman. You can use the search function:
    Using the search function, you will find 4 files:
    Right click on the .ydd file and click Export to openFormats (.odd)0_1490958747715_Untitled.png

    Export it to whereever you want. I'm going to export it to the Game Modding folder we made earlier.

    Now you need to get the textures. To do that, double click the .ytd file. This will open:

    Click on Export all Textures and navigate to your Game Modding folder. I ususally put it in the folder created when exporting. I create a new folder called textures and put it there:

    Click Select Folder.

    Once exported, you will now right-click on the .yft file and click Export Skeleton to openFormats (.skel):

    Export it to the SAME folder you exported the .odd to. It is IMPORTANT.

    Now go to the folder you exported the two files, in my case, Game Modding:

    Right click the .skel and add " FULL" to it (before .skel 0_1490959111329_Capture.PNG and after the end of the name) and also, the space is also important.

    Phew! Done! Now go back to 3ds Max and click on Import:
    Navigate to your folder and double click the .odd file:

    Select the textures folder:
    Click OK.

    Now, you will notice that the model is very small. What I usually do is select the whole model:

    And click on Zoom Extents Selected:

    Voila! Model is loaded!

    PART 2:

  • @AHK1221 Seems like an nice tutorial. Can you only convert peds in GIMS Evo, or can you make for example cars?

    **Edit: I just read this a bit and saw that that is that plugin. I thought GIMS Evo is an new program like Zmodeler.

  • @AHK1221 So you shift your flow from scripts to ped modding huh???
    And like your earlier tutorials, indeed this will be very helpful for people starting model based modding. Good luck there. (:

  • @Kwebbl Nope, it can't convert cars. It can however convert objects and .ydr files

    @ashishcw Thanks :)

  • @Kwebbl Objects , Char's and Weapons only

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you for the tutorial
    i didn't know that you need to export the YFT too
    Now i can Edit peds :D

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ShrineFox You are in layer mode. Press the hierarchy button:

  • How do u import stream PEDs

  • @gtav_KWABZ On zmodeler you need to import the .yft first and rename it as .global in your structure tab, after that import your mesh (.ydd) and move the object (NOT THE MESH, the object from Structure tab) to .global and that's it. For embedded texture you need to replace them from the original material and you need to be sure that your maps have the same name as the originals maps. (in most of the cases, spec and normal maps only).

  • Can you create custom scars and tattoos for Freemode Males and Freemode Females using this tutorial?

  • @AHK1221 Hey, i tried importing and everything appears to be imported correctly. To test if it works correctly i just exported it withouth changing anything. Do i need to do something before exporting? . When i go into game the meshes are clipping all over the model ..... Can you help me?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Post deleted?

  • @rekram Yup

  • Ok but how do I export it with all the files needed? All I get is an .ydd, I still need .ymt, .ytd, and .yft... :(

  • @sollaholla You add textures to YTD manually (again use the one from the default ped that you took as the base)
    and you don't need YFT and YMT (again use the one from the default ped that you took as the base)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Okay, 1 sec lemme show you my issue. (I actually did what you just recommended but theres a little problem).

  • 0_1493845928900_20170503171147_1.jpg

    1. She's like 10cm in the ground, which is strange.. Even with the "Heels" movement style she still is in the ground like that.
    2. The textures (as you can also see on the mask) are taking from the skin texture, it actually should be black. All of her components are like this, when you set the texture index to 1 and above.

  • @sollaholla 1.That is unfixable i think , its something related to Gims EVO deleting the Heels "Physics"

    1. it propably tries to use the head texture (or something) , i would suggest to do a new UV Map istnead

  • @HeySlickThatsMe So there's really no way around that? I've tried to raise the mesh a bit, but it still seems to fall back to the mid-foot "offset".

    I'll try that, I'm thinking it's because when I attached the mesh I chose something wrong, and it decided to remove my UVW map.

  • @sollaholla Try selecting all Verticles (from eg: Lower part of the body , then upper etc) and then moving them up
    it won't work if you simply move the model up

  • @sollaholla Fixes:

    1. Wrong ped skeleton. Each female ped has different skeleton and animations. The easy way is take a female ped, work on her, export and replace the same ped. Suggestion, work with female cutscene peds with heels (Example: ig_michelle) and look their positions, they have standar heel positions compatible with the add-on peds mods.

    2. YMT wrong configuration. If you added a new component to your ped, is necessary to edit the ped ymt file to enable the component slot accord to your new add and do the configuration for new textures, in that way, the engine can read the ped data and draw well the ped mesh with its texture variation. here is the thread with useful info to edit the ped ymt file.

  • @Rarefacer
    Don't worry I figured the second part out. Also I'm not sure what you mean by wrong ped, the s_f_y_stripper_02 already comes with heels and the default move_f@heels movement clipset.

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