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[GIMS Evo] [3ds Max] How to make a custom ped!

  • @sollaholla The problem is the addon component, that changes the ped pivots when is added directly to the hierarchy. The clean way is do a new rig using the original ped components and then, add to hierarchy the new component to avoid position issues.

  • @Rarefacer But I am using the original rig, and ped.

  • @sollaholla I mean, import again the striper ped, attach the balaclava mask to her head, and redo the rigging process. When is finished and renamed, you can attach that new rigged component to the main ped hierarchy to export, in that way, you are using the same skeleton.

  • @Rarefacer Ohh, gotcha! I'll test that out.

  • That maybe very stupid question, but where is the next part of this tutorial? :grinning: because i need to see how to do it in Blender, and i suppose it's in the next tutorial but i can't find it? I really need to find out out how to do it in Blender, cuz i'm a very big noob at 3ds max, and i also love to work in Blender a lot more! So i hope someone could please help me?

  • @Rhysha I haven't made a next part, I might later

  • Who will convert the characters for GTA5?
    There are many famous and other beautiful 3D personas

    кто нибудь конвертит персонажей для гта5?
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    alt text

  • @AHK1221 Could you possibly tell me how should i rig the model? or if its needed? because so far, i couldnt export a working ped (meshes clip/glitch like it looses skel config.). Thanks!

  • Please!

    I will explain exactly what i did so you guys understand the problem.

    1- Exported as openformat s_m_y_robber_01.ydd
    2- Made a copy of s_m_y_robber_01.skel , moved it where s_m_y_robber_01.odd is and renamed it to ''s_m_y_robber_01 FULL.skel''
    3-Exported all textures to a new folder.
    4-Imported .odd using GIMS EVO Plugin (last version)
    5-Checked all was imported without errors (profit)
    6-Exported (without editing anything) all parts to the same openformat location
    7-Imported as openformat with openiv.
    8-Launched game
    9-Spawned ped
    10-Skel/bones aren't working:

    alt text

    Why would bones/skel loose the rigging to the ped parts if i didnt even touched or edited the ped.

    A clear and helpfull explanation would make it easier for me to understand what iam doing wrong.


  • @AHK1221 any plans to finish up the tutorial? I havent seen any ped modeling tutorials.

  • @Willief23 Yes, I just haven't gotten the time for it. Now that I do have some time, I'll write the second part in a bit.

  • @rekram Looks like you used a .yft file from other ped. Not all peds uses the same skeleton (almost all changes in bones dimentions, even just a longer finger can affect the ped), so that bug in your image is exactly as looks when we use the no proper skeleton in the .yft

    To modding peds, always uses the same skeleton for all components and if you import a component from other ped, probably its rigging will to look like your image. Is necessary to delete its rigging and redo all over an original ped component.

  • @rekram Looks like either you are using a different yft like @Rarefacer said, or the skeleton wasn't imported correctly. Check if you have any "Fake Bones" in your hierarchy.

  • New part is out..

  • Hello,
    This is my first post.
    Could you tell me how manipulate bones imported by GIMS evo in 3dsmax. Because I can't check wrong skin weight when painting skin without rotating or move bone.
    alt text
    You can see, in the image, I manipulated the bones, but the model still freeze.
    Please tell me how to show this, thank you.

  • @chipchip17 why do you want to rotate the model?

  • How about Editing the Bulletproof Helmet from the Last Team Standing DLC?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nxtmaxx Please make your own thread.

  • Is there away to export the pedal without getting a wet texture problem

  • I try to make a ped model based on Amanda Character in the game
    at firs i find it in the open iv . there is not exist any ig_amandatownley.ydd in the gamd instead of that there is a folder with that name and that include Amanda's separated body parts Like Access / Berd / decal / Heir /Hand / head / lower / teeth / upper
    alt text
    after i make my model with 5 kind of heir / 2 kind of hands / 7 kind of lower / 8 kind of upper / head / teeth (eye - teeth - eyebrow) /and etc ...

    I upload one kind of each parts screenshots you can see in here
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    after that i start with teeth part at first i import original teeth of Amanda with gims evo
    _ convert materials to game

    • move my model to original model exact place that load in 3ds max
    • apply game mesh on my model modifier list
    • move center to exact center of game mesh of original model
    • apply skin on modifier list
    • add Fake bones 77 / 81 / 82 / 85 / 86 / 95 / 100 in envelope part of skin in modifier list exactly like the original model
    • set abs effect on the vertex of my mesh in envelope 77 / 81 ... exactly like the original model

    Fake bone 77 :
    alt text

    Fake bone 81 :
    alt text

    Fake bone 82 :
    alt text

    Fake bone 85 : is other eyelash like 81
    Fake bone 86 : is other eye like 82
    Fake bone 95 :
    alt text

    Note : The red vertex set to 1.0 / orange set to 0.8 / yellow : 0.6 /brown : 0.4 / cream : 0.2 / blue : 0.1 in screenshots

    • i set all value of the skin and envelop modifier like original model

    when i want export that i receive this error :
    "[0 errors]
    [1 warnings]
    1 times: Model "teef_000_u/teef_000_u" has got more than one root bone.
    All of them will be grouped into a new one with default parameters and unique ID.
    If you want to tweak these parameters, consider creating the root bone by yourself, and attaching your model bones to it."

    • i continue exporting and i add it to game

    But i see the most Terrible and Disgusting thing that i have ever seen in my life and i cant sleep for 5 days until now .
    Amanda was in the living room but her left eye is in the kitchen and looking around and some meshes project from her face to her right eye
    i can not see her left eye but there must be somewhere in the bedroom because some stretched flexible meshes from her face project to second floor. her lower teeth was on the ground near the TV and rotates oddly . the house was full of stretched flexible meshes and when she wants to speak all off the meshes start moving in the house and i suddenly cant stand it and turn off my laptop by detaching the battery of it.
    but why tat happend ?

    • after that i try to import to original teeth in to gims evo and re exporting it without any modifying on that
      i receive the same error again but why ?
      i continue and see that terrible Scene again but at this time with original model
      Why this happened ?
      i think gims evo missed some bone when importing a ydd files that designed for teeth part
      or open iv can not export it in to open format correctly
      how can i fix this error ?
      i want to continue and make all parts but this problem prevents my work

  • @GTA-Elit read import/export FAQ, there is your answer and lots of useful tips in the forum: GIMS Evo official support forum

  • Hi, how are you? so I would like you to explain to me, how to change PEDS MOD hair, and faces, for example put MAI MOD face in MOMOJI MOD, and etc?

  • @Rarefacer said in [GIMS Evo] [3ds Max] How to make a custom ped!:


    yoo i love you so much man i was struggling with the fact that only the head_000_r had named skeletons but you just saved my life with the FULL at the final part of the skel name :)

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