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(AddOnPed) Model not found or invalid

  • The game is not crashing, when i press L the UI comes up, and when I select a model: The model is not found or invalid.

  • @Stanpai In the AddonPedsEditor.exe, make sure you click REBUILD before closing the application. Also make sure the Ped Model Name (not the "Ped Name") matches the name of the model files.

    Ped Model Name = Wei Shen
    file names: Wei Shen.yft, Wei Shen.ydd, etc.
    If the ped type is a stream ped, the folder name must also match.

    Hope this helps.

  • @stillhere I already checked the names 3 times and clicked rebuild after each ped added, I'll delete them out of openiv then ill retry again.

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