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[SCRIPT] Red Dead Redemption's Hardcore Mode

  • Been wanting something like this for a very long time, back for GTA IV. That's probably not going to happen so hopefully it can be made for GTA V. Hardcore Mode strictly based on the one from Red Dead Redemption's Game of the Year edition. And by strictly I mean just the basic features, no extra weird functions or designs to make it like your favorite game. RDR's version was fine and not too over the top. Hardcore does not equal realism.

    Anyways, here's the way I can see it translated into GTA V:

    • Player has same amount of health as NPCs (obviously not peds that die in one shot, this refers to cops without body armor and gang members, or any enemies in missions that can take multiple gunshots)
    • Health regeneration takes longer to kick in, and regenerate (think it was 10 seconds in RDR before it started, then 7 to get back to full health)
    • Everything costs twice as much
    • Payouts from missions, minigames, etc are cut in half
    • Money and ammo pickups from NPCs are reduced
    • Special meter only builds from kills or items/minigames (Green Juice, Yoga etc.)
    • Skills (Stamina, Shooting, Driving, Flying etc.) take longer to increase; increase amounts are basically cut in half (might not be possible, skills are a tough aspect of V to mod)
    • Aiming is permanently set to free-aim (though I don't see this necessary, or maybe even possible to force)

  • I would absolutely love a mod like this.
    Especially one that does the Health and Health regeneration like RDR did. It was perfect.

    If no-one does it then I might give it a go.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @GTATerminal So, it doesn't look like anyone else is going for this...

  • One year later, still hope that someone is interested in making this, as well as seeing this made.

  • @cp1dell Red Dead Redemption = R* production == Cease & Desist letter about mods with content related to R* and T2 games || RDR based mods discouraged.

  • @Rarefacer I hope this is a joke. Hardcore mode is a basic concept. Something like this would not be issued a C&D from Take-Two.

  • @cp1dell Red Dead Redemption V mod was cancelled by direct C&D letter from R* and T2, here are no jokers. You can find more info in posts like HERE or HERE and also HERE, etc

    Modders preffer not waste time and effort in possible warned and ban mods.

  • @Rarefacer

    OP is asking for a script that mimicks RDR's gameplay. The source code will be completely different than Rockstar's one so you can't really get C&D. And going by that logic, 90% of the mods on this website would have been taken down since the assets are completely ripped from other games.

  • @cyberzone2 In any case, RDR mods are discouraged, is not just the map mod, others has been cancelled, scripting included. Is not just related to C&D, just simply lazy about future R* or T2 claim with that about the new RDR in coming.

  • @Rarefacer It's not as severe as you think. It's really only pertaining to assets from Rockstar IPs, and preventing stuff from going into online mode. That's really it. What the OP is suggesting is perfectly fine. No offense, but English not being your native language means that you're not understanding the nuances of some of these posts.

  • @Rarefacer jedijosh's lasso mod mimics the lasso from RDR. There is still a John Marston player mod. I'm sure there are more. You have no understanding of the whole C&D situation. Gameplay changes like I listed are not original and owned by Rockstar, there is absolutely no issue with a script like this and I'm disappointed this has been sidetracked into an argue meant instead of s legitimate discussion of the possibilities of such a mod.

  • Bump. Any chance someone wants to do this still? @GTATerminal seems to be MIA.

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