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Why does script hook limit how many add-on's I can have?

  • I have no idea how to put this up to sound reasonably understandable, but i've been playing for a while now using scripts and mods folder and all is good, but I just added another DLC (Made a new dlc for a car I'm making) and the game started crashing. YES I am using a gameconfig, and YES the game works as fast I delete the DLC line from dlclist.xml.

    As fast as I delete all the scripts it works, and when I install script hook, it starts crashing again...

    Any solutions?

  • @Zievs That means it is a script issue then....
    because SHV does not limit add-ons AFAIK.

  • some mods dont go with other mods so either delete it or code it to work with other mods

  • It seems to have been a problem in the RPF i created...

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