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Looking to clear some things up

  • So I'm looking to try my hand at modding, and I have two sets of questions.

    First, I have openIV, scripthook, and I think the simple trainer or PC Trainer (whichever has the blocky menus). However, the latter two are tossed into the standard GTA folder.

    Is there a way to install them with OpenIV so that I can utilize the one-click on/off function of OIV? Or do I have five airplanes and no runway to land on? If I am trying an impossible thing, do I just literally ctrl+c/ctrl+v the entire gta-5 folder and rename it mods to pull off the 'two-copies' trick for online-clean/offline-mod use?

    Second question:

    How exactly do I access vehicular skins? For the first thing I wanted to learn with I was going to do something simple, a circular emblem laid on top of the existing skin (kind of like this.) But the last time I tried looking in OIV, I was only getting nets of brand emblems and light placement for vehicles.

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