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Addon-carpack Install

  • Hello i want to know how i can install a addon-carpack with more than 13 cars? Because gamesconfig is availbe for only 10 addoncars

  • @GL4M0URG1RL Dunno, but you can add all the cars to only one addon and maybe that'll work.

  • @GL4M0URG1RL @AHK1221 you can add as many cars to 1 car addon pack as long as the file size stays under 4.0gb. I made a carpack and it has 126 cars in it at 3.90gb. I can add 1 more car before it gets too big. If the dlc.rpf is 4.0gb or bigger your game will freeze and not load.

    Also GL4M0URG1RL try this gameconfig its far better then the popular one from F7YO.

  • yes because then its 30 addoncars . the game will maybe crashed . So i asked

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