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[MOD] Request Vehicle Drop like JC3 rebel drop?

  • Hi everyone,
    Today i'm going to share my idea about a mod that i never seen someone to release it or talk about it, maybe someone has the same thought as me but never saw on forums.

    The explaination of mod is simple, as for the work i have no idea, i am not coder.

    Simple menu, pick up a vehicle you want the helicopter to bring you, and call the support equipemtn or something like that, i have also made a youtube video simple to demonstrate how the mod should be, basing on the "Advanced Bodyguards 1.0" of @Eddlm mod, i have prepared myself attached a tank into a cargoplane and i just called back to me.

    The Mod it will be the same just, the helicopter will bring the vehicle that we choose from the menu.

    As i said, a simple open Menu, we pick up the delivery plane, it will be default a Cargoplane, maybe also a Skylift will be good but no idea, lets say Cargoplane, and then we pick up what kind of vehicle we want to request, and attached to the cargoplane, we will need to have an arrow to choose the place, ground location where the vehicle should be Dropped.

    I hope you understanded my ideology, i thought very long time about this but i had no chance to share with you guys, now after we got a forum here i'm sharing now.

    (I don't want to forget to mention it that this option is also on Just Cause 3 where you can request a rebel drop in some other ways.)

    Video example:

  • Or it can be made also with Phone Menu. :iphone:

  • :confused:

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