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Making more retextures again...need help with Khmer language!

  • Hi,

    So basically I have a Cambodia pack that I haven't updated for a while. Partly because I wasn't sure what to do next, and partly because I don't know the Khmer language and I've never been to the country before.

    So I was hoping that maybe someone would be willing to help me with the Khmer language so I can make a couple more license plates, a taxi design, and maybe an ambulance design if I can find enough pictures for reference. Ohh and maybe clothing retextures.
    I'd simply need some to send me the writing in Khmer for me, and maybe help and make sure I don't mess up. Maybe help with realism if you can. Basically, any help would be great...though not from google translate :O (I tried, it was hilarious and confusing)

    If no one can help, I'll still find stuff to make, don't worry :)


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