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need help installing F86 sabre

  • I install it the same way the as the others but its the only one that doesnt spawn i install the lines on the dlc and i install the plane on the dlc just like the others but when i go to install it says it doest exist n e help people thank you


  • @winglesschip209 if u follow the read me , it should spawn, and when u say others, which other mods do you mean that work?

    Edit: and when it doesn't spawn, does it say invalid model? Or couldn't find the model Or says spawned and nothing shows up?

  • @FoxtrotDelta got it working finally i had " " on the dlc xml sorry and thanks i was wondering if you can make us a plane if i buy the model if iterested can you let me know at ochoaoctavio89@icloud.com

  • @winglesschip209 i saw your comment on youtube as well. please don't buy a Model. I have that aircraft's 3 models very highly detailed. optamized for games. i Promise highest possible Quality.
    instead of purchasing the model Consider donation to my paypal and i'll finish it on priority basis :)

    Edit: since you have solved the problem yourself. i'll be locking this topic. enjoy. & thanks for letting us know problem was solved.

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