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  • Now, as far as i know nobody has ripped the models, if at all possible. the models from this game are absolutely amazing though, and these vehicles would be awesome additions to the gta5 cars, the shoreline jeep being my favourite one. This game was a blast and is one of the best games I own, and besides, who wouldnt want a little uncharted in their GTA V?
    some artwork renders of the vehicles: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YRnrX

  • @largeaj2020 that’s actually a good idea ! :)
    i would make it to gta v if i have the models

  • Think that's going to be very difficult to rip... But yeah the models are 10/10

  • Ps4 formats/discs are not rippable so far. Hell, it took long enough to even get some character models of Uncharted 1-3 :/ I doubt we will see any models soon (or at all)

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