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Safe modding offline - question

  • I have a completely separate hard drive with OS installed to test modding in GTA V . Being a removable drive, I can just swap it out with the non modded GTA drive. So my question is how can i go GTA V offline steam. I tried the -scOfflineOnly option putting a command.txt in the folder but still without internet the social club does not allow it to start.

    I get that it is possible to first boot up with an umodded GTA folder, then close game then boot game with Modded folder but that seems kind of risky in that the system can still be scanned for OpenIV, or whatever registry keys might be about. Is there a way to boot offline, without internet at all? If so how ?



    @rich0550 Tl;dr: you can't.

    Rockstar will allow you to stay offline for several days (enough, last round, for ScriptHookV to get updated, btw). After that, you must log into Social Club again, to validate your game.

    Since you're already willing "to first boot up with an umodded GTA folder, then close game then boot game with Modded folder," there's no reason you can't just let Social Club log in regularly, either.

    P.S. Rock* only takes potential action when you're going Online (which you can't, with -scOfflineOnly). So, even if they were detecting you're running a modded game, you're completely safe in Single Player mode.

  • thanks for quick reply. I hear what you say about them not caring about offline mode. Man I am so paranoid about it.. So I can just boot off the clean folder? then restart game with modded one offline? And they won't about registry keys (ex. openIV so forth?) hum... months building this account i might just use a friend's old account then...

  • @rich0550 Whichever folder you are using must be named the same as the one that got installed, the registry can only point to one valid location.

    So if your folders are called Grand Theft Auto V - Clean and Grand Theft Auto V - Modded but you installed to just Grand Theft Auto V, whichever one you want to play, must be renamed to just Grand Theft Auto V.

    Also both folders must be in the same parent folder, so you can't have one in Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V and the other in Games\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V for instance. Same drive, same parent folder...

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