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Some notification and message sound effects

  • Hello @rappo,

    I've seen there is the possibility to add sound effects to the website, when you either receive a message, send one, or get a notification.
    However, it looks like there is no sound effect available, so here I have two suggestions :

    I've made three sound effects with FL studio :
    1) A notification sound. It is inspired by the older Facebook tone.
    2) A message received sound. Again, inspired by the older Facebook tone. Both are made in FL Studio.
    3) A message sent sound. This one is a quick whistle from me, inspired by some messenger sounds.

    You can get them here on mediafire.

    You can use them for 5mods if they fit well, and if not, i won't take it personally, because i just want to help here. If you want, i will try to make sound effects until they fit well with the website.

    Also, my second suggestion would be that the users could have the possibility to use their own sound effects ; I've never seen that on any other website, i just thought it would be cool to have this here.

    Anyway, these are just two suggestions, you're the administrator and creator of 5mods, i just leave them to you :)

  • @Frazzlee y u leave til june

  • @Frazzlee Well, sorry to see you go.

    In other news, I can't wait to see what this "something" is. :D


    @Frazzlee said in Some notification and message sound effects:

    @aidenpatrickPGH ah, i will release all my works on here soon。 。 。and I'll show you current vehicle progress on Twitter once I'm far enough

    Wishing you all the best Franz. Hope that we see you around from time to time.

  • @DarthPungz me too. Good luck mate. @Frazzlee

  • @TheSigui Thanks for those sound effects, cool idea! I'll see what I can do in the NodeBB settings

    Edit: hmmm I get this when trying to download your files: "The user you are downloading from has run out of bandwidth or does not have a premium account"

    Maybe try uploading to www.mega.nz or on a free Mediafire account?

  • @rappo I made a rar file, hope it's fixed

    EDIT 04/04/17 15:14

    I've made a better version with improved reverb effect and three alternative sound effects

    EDIT N°2 04/04/17 19:13

    Added names to the sounds for more clarity, added the 8-bit theme

  • This post is deleted!

  • The names are Cafebook, Smurf and 8BIT
    Talk about weird names xD

  • @Rappo anything new ? :slight_smile:

  • @TheSigui I uploaded the sounds and enabled them yesterday, but I'm not hearing anything, so I don't think it worked. Will look into it again when I've got time

  • @rappo They are working perfectly ! I just had to enable them in the settings menu. Thanks !
    I have a few more suggestions, by the way :slight_smile: since these sounds effects are now available, maybe a notification on the low-right corner of the screen could inform the users of it :)
    Also, i've made more sounds effects lately, ranging by category (yes the ones with the silly names), in a similar way of the ringtones menu on a phone.

    I know you have many things to do, so i'm not pushing you at all. I'm just mentionning things i did and having some new ideas. ;)

  • @TheSigui oh okay that makes sense, thought I enabled them globally but looks like each user has their own settings too. It's pretty easy for me to upload new sounds for people to choose. Send them over!

  • @rappo http://www.mediafire.com/file/e732d3mlgkyl9xu/5mods_sounds_0.2.rar
    Here's the latest version. For the next ones, it will be easier to just send them by messaging you ;)

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