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Texture lag

  • Hi,
    I've a question. I've the szabo's persistance mod. But after 10 cars on the same place the texture lags ? Any one that has a fix for this ?

  • Very simple fix, get more VRAM...

    Or lower Your graphics settings...

    I am kind of sure You didn´t expect such answer, but the symptoms are just about these...

  • @HRH
    I've a XFX rx480 4gb :-)-

  • @djfilipco Well, yes, there are thousand other things in connection. Which car models are you talking about? If many of them have very high-poly models (around 500 000 polys for example), then every GPU on the market starts to struggle (somebody had 4-way SLI Titan X setup, you can find that on Youtube and see, what I am talking about). If You use many mods (like me), then You can´t expect the same performance as in vanilla game.

    Last, but not least, game itself suffers from memory-leaks, so there is not much to do about it (besides lowering settings and/or upgrading GPU). One example is trying to spawn mod-bikes and mod-cars "at the same place", game just won´t handle it, everybody have problems(ERR_MEM_GUARDALLOC).

  • @djfilipco The 95% of the vehicle mods created for GTA V are totally... well to not be hard, is enought to say "are not optimized for videogames". A lot of modders just takes the first model they founded, convert all to GTA V and release without take care about the user system performance. Obviously, the 99% of modders not have knowledge or study in 3D related careers, but not take care about how to learn the optimization of any model (exists thousands of tutorial related to that matter).

    The recommendation is: If you install any vehicle mod, see in the OpenIV model viewer the number of polygons (maximum 100,000 polys, if not, is a shitty optimized mod) and check the texture dimentions as maximum 1024x1024px and if is necessary, just one 4k texture, not more than one.
    Because not matter if you have a crossfire RX 480 OC or the SLI GTX 1080, if the models are not optimized, the RAM also suffers the consequences (yeah, GTA V can devour until 5 GB of RAM in high detail textures and models+tesellation and 8 GB when is recording clips.), because is not about the size of your RAM and VRAM, also is about the data transfer bandwith between the storage device and system RAM/VRAM, there is the 98% of performance issues in GTA V.

    I have a GTX 1060 6GB + 8GB RAM and in tests with most vehicle mods, always exists bottlenecks and severe FPS downs issues.

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