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[Animation] Super cars grip <3<3<3

  • I would love if someone made a little script or animation (im a noob i dont know how to) that will do that all cars you go into have the characters hand to grip the wheel like they do with the super car's.
    Like all 4- doors have this ugly hands on animation i cant take where the thumbs are up on the wheel.
    Please someone help >-<

  • @cboft Something to do in the vehicles.meta file, I presume?

  • @cboft You already have this exact same subject in a topic here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/8710/script-hands-on-steering-wheel-animation-locked-to-the-sport-racing-type

    There is no need to make multiple threads for the same thing.

    Locked as duplicate thread.

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