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[MAP] Preventing the map from centering on the player upon opening

  • Me and my friend share the same mentality in that we like doing the navigation completely by ourselves, which means that we don't want any guidance from the game other than dialogue and a map without player markers. We feel this makes us really learn and appreciate the city instead of just following markers. Thankfully, the games let you disable the radar natively without any modding, but that still isn't enough because the game doesn't provide any (or at least enough) options regarding the big map.

    In GTA IV, we solved the problem of the game giving away our position on the map by replacing the "PLAYER IS HERE" arrow with a fully transparent image, so there's nothing. In GTA V, however, our simple solution doesn't work because the game centers the map on the player every time you open it.

    As a potential solution, we were thinking of forcing the map to always center into the middle regardless of player position, but with next to zero modding experience, we don't know how to do this. Neither do we know how difficult this would be to accomplish. So, if anyone knows how to do this, that would be appreciated.

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