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[Vehicles] Mythicals Oldies Ones!

  • I think Im becoming old because vehicles are important in this game but I cant see here some mythical vehicles. Ok, Knight Rider is here, it is the best. I love the work by Sersorroza, Knight Racer, Teoadrianoj and 3id but...

    • What about a perfect A-Team van? I have seen one but it is not perfect.
    • Starky & Hutch Fod Torino?
    • Condorman car? (ok, this one is a little too freaky... but what the helll... it would be great have a Condorman Flying ped too*)
    • Street Hawk motocycle?
    • The Knight Rider Truck?
    • Pink Panther Show car? He really is a groovy cat...

    I want to say thanks to all that guys who have brought to gtav vehicles as Blue Thunder (SkylineGTRFreak), Herbie (RealRastax), DeLorean (several ones!), Ghostbusters Ecto 1 (Madgaz)

    • In fact I have request for a Greatest American Hero too XD

  • @huxley The Mystery Machine... I think that would be another for the collection. :D

  • @LeeC2202 Right! Of Course!

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