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How do you get the Native UI Menu C sharp code into the game?

  • This may be a very obvious question, but I have looked around and can't find an answer. I have made a menu using Visual Studio, but how do I get that as a .dll or something like the mod menus you can download so that I can put it in the game files and test it out.

  • @herobank110 Your question is a little confusing... did you use NativeUI to write your menu, or have you written a complete menu system yourself?

    If you used NativeUI and have added that to your class library project as a reference, then if NativeUI.dll is in your game scripts folder, your mod will use that dll in the same way it used the one in your project.

    So simply build the project (remembering to use Release mode, not Debug mode) then copy the dll from the [project folder]\bin\Release folder into the game scripts folder and it should work.

  • I have been at this for a while trying many different combinations of files in my GTA installation. I downloaded the latest scripthookV which solved the issue of it immediately crashing, but is there anything else I may need to use the scripts folder?

  • @herobank110 Well you should already have ScriptHookVDotNet installed in your main game folder, so other than what I mentioned in my last post, there's nothing else required in the scripts folder.

  • ![Here's a screenshot of what I have going on. Please tell me if it's set up correctly. In game when I press J nothing happens, yet when I press F4 and F8 the trainers' menus appear.](0_1491246270717_upload-965fda19-e578-46aa-8cbf-a520de877cd3 image url)

  • @LeeC2202 Funnily enough, that was the guide I followed in the first place. I guess I got confused at the beginning and deleted everything. Thanks for helping me realise this.

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