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[Released] [Vehicle][Aircraft] G-91 Multi livery. German Air Force Jet.

  • here i show Next project to be completed soon. i give you German and USA air force G-91 aircraft. lacks 3d cockpit at the moment. making it bits by bits. looks cool so far. Released. 100% complete Requested Donated and Financed by @Senf-Man
    Download Link>>>> CLICK
    Real life Photos of liveries in progress
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Work in Progress Photos. of the Model itself.
    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta lol that looks like a pig xD

  • @Senf-Man Created a Topic for it as well :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta well. German's and italian people designed it's nose. other than that, main characteristics are very Similar to F-86F or K version only nose is different :D hilarious but yea Unique Shape !

  • I see and the shitstorm beginns as it appears here, maybe we should keep it out of public :/

  • Anyway, I love it and it looks great!!

  • @Senf-Man you mean not release it for the public? or just hide it until it finishes? i'll follow your Lead. your word. it's your Requested mod anyways. Making exclusively for you.

    and don't mind @Kwebbl he is a nice Guy!. very nice. also he was just kidding above there., we do do this kind of jokes lot here in this forum. don't take it to your Heart. it's the way the aircraft was made :)

  • @Senf-Man Yes, it was a joke. I really like this aircraft

  • @Kwebbl I just noticed you have sabre photo on your profile as a cover. I'm half you liked it. By any chance is it a screen from. GTA 5 ? My mod looks amazing.

    @Senf-Man kwebbl is german also :) He should love this aircraft !! And i am making a 3d cockpit plus new customised bump maps for the textures to bring it on equal quality to f-86F sabre. This model didn't come with bump maps only specs so, I am making them myself it's going great!

    Hope to bring a decent quality aircraft into gta 5. I have begun to like it's shape! The fuel tanks look odd to me but that's how they are in real life as well :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yep it does look amazing. I just love that shot and this one. 0_1491250342492_enb2017_3_17_18_07_19.jpg

    Probably the best plane screenshots I've ever made. :D

  • @Kwebbl I hope you will take a few quality shots like these for the G91 as well :) thank you for your comments and feedback

  • @FoxtrotDelta No problem. I can't wait, love those heavy looking planes!

  • @FoxtrotDelta Shit,get no chance to take screenshots for this babe this time :/
    fine,I'll do one screenshot with imagination
    alt text

  • @Elope no problem, I hope some other friends will pitch in this time. Thanks ;)

  • Here is an old german military film showing a G 91 squadron practicing improvised tactical operations from a civilian freeway near Bonn:

  • @Senf-Man wow Fast and bouncy Landing.

  • @Senf-Man Finalizing gear doors. they are very unique i wont be able to implement them as the ones on the real one. i'll try though. (as gta 5 doesn't support custom animations.)
    alt text

  • No problem, certain incorret things are quite normal for games, as long as the gear troughly fits to the image, so on how the plane actually stands and moves on the ground :)

  • @Senf-Man yea, the doors i made were too long, i mean the way i animated them. they easily touched the runway while landing. so i need to keep it as close to the real one as possible. even you can see from the image above, those doors and airbakes are very near the ground. i wonder how they fared in real life situations.

    Edit: that said i know MIG 21 and some other aircraft from 60's had these low Landing gear doors as well.

  • @Senf-Man Just a beta test for the liveries. it lacks many details. and a bit of uv mapping issues but i hope to finish it very soon :) with 3d cockpit as well. God willing.


    & some Shots
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Just Finalized G-91 @Senf-Man , i'll send you the Final version. no Beta i think i got it all done . You will love it!!! its by far my best work yet. i promise you that.

    Curtsy of @Elope He pushed me For Perfection. suggesting add on props for Weapons. and boy do they Look and feel sooooOOO Good!. Handling was also helped by him. but i did major Editing. This Aircraft Feels like a real thing ! gotta try it a must for everybody once Released.

    @Senf-Man you Will Love the Cockpit and Dials. will save those pics and videos for later :P awesome Mod ! i love it!.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Wow, looks really great!! Can't wait to fly her!!!

  • @Senf-Man a couple of hours more i guess. :P

  • @FoxtrotDelta terrific work my friend! Here is the shot of the graphic issue 0_1492627300695_g91texture.jpg

  • @Senf-Man oh i see. i'll make it all Black

    Edit: Just Corrected it. Made it all Black.

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