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[SOLVED] What's the proper method to disable mods before playing online?

  • I have openIV installed with a lot of asi files in my root directory along with the scripthook and scriptvdotnet dll files as long as a scripts folder. I heard that with openIV there's an easy and quick method that I can do in order to play online safely. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Do I have to delete my scripts folder, and .dll and .asi files each and everytime I want to plau online? I hope there's an easier way.

  • What I'm doing is I'm always renaming the dinput8.dll to dinput8.dll_ when playing online.

  • what about those scripthook .dll *.asi and scripts folder? won't those get detected when you go online?

  • @kiyomi Nope, the dinput8.dll file is the one that starts the Script Hook, which then searches the scripts folder. If you remove/rename dinput8.dll, the rest of the scripts won't get loaded.

  • They won't even get loaded when the .asi loader (dinput8.dll) is disabled.

  • in OpenIV go to Tools > ASI Manager and click uninstall ASI Loader.

  • Thanks guys! :)

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