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Compound and Red material, Zmodeler 3

  • Hi
    I am making my first convert mod from GTA SA.

    Problem #1
    When getting into the compound section, parts I compound are supposed to dissappear and remain the box.
    But when I compound the doors, they don't dissappear, is this normal?

    Problem #2
    When I placed the materials, the some parts have some red gradient on it, what's going on?

  • @Umrix about the disappering parts. you have to learn how make LODS. use youtube tuturials on how to create Lods. once you have lods or compunds.

    even if you don't make lods. making compounds into LOD1 is necessary. if you export without making LODs zmodeleler 3 will create 1 lod for you.

    its not always necessary to have compounds disappear when No lod is selected.

  • I know, compound, lock, L0
    All the parts dissappeared except for the doors

  • @Umrix Dismiss and remake. compounds. that should solve it.

  • Tried that, same problem

  • When I press L0, all the car appears except the doors

  • @Umrix the doors must have a different lod

  • Ok i will try

  • @Umrix i mean click on l1 or l2 and see if the doors appear.

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