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WIP, Proper Camper van (fiat)

  • Last couple days i've been working on a proper camper van for in the game, it's nearly finished and will be released soon
    -interiour in the front AND the back (backside mostly scratch made since the model came with a 'seetrough' bodyshell
    -opening door, also the sidedoor and the one on the back (left) do open
    -extra components, like the bicycle rack on the back, surfboards on the roof and a sunroof with some camping seats under it
    (all the extra's can be taken off so you dont have to drive with them on
    -extra components can be colored with the trainer
    -working hook so it can tow trailer
    -costum trailer with 2 bikes (sanchez) on it (currently working on it, so no screens so far)

    alt text
    alt text

  • EPIC mod dude. Pls make it replaceable :)

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