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A little help learning to fish...

  • "Give a man a fish, or in this case: a script, ped, or vehicle, and his GTA V will be the better for it. Teach a man to make a script, ped, or vehicle, and your GTA V will be the better for it."

    Can't take credit for that proverb-- I believe Confucius said it, or maybe it was Sun Tzu? Doesn't matter. What does matter is it rings true, and your resident Stark Knight here could use some help learnin'. Have one or two questions, hopefully, yes or no answers. The follow-up question to those will be can you teach me to implement it. @barak101, @TheMadBreaker, @fakeplastic, @Meth0d , @Quechus13, @eshenk, @gtav_KWABZ, @Spud, @sollaholla, and @jedijosh920 -- Masters of The Art & Zen Modders all, teach me?

    1). Guys, my first question is a textures two-parter:
    A). Is there a user-made directory of where to find home, prop, and building textures? I kinda want to re-texture a few Rodeo Dr. stores, and maybe some in Sandy Shores and Grapeseed, but I have no idea where to look. @eshenk, Vlad, and @Spud have inspired me to try my luck at adding a few LA based store fronts. "Tried" to change Richards Majestic to a kind of Warner Brothers studio, but was not to be. I will leave the bulk of LA'afying to these guys, but would like to alter a few minor places.
    B). I know there exists HUDS for Iron Man, but I was wondering, is there a way to add animation or sprites to textures to give it a Tony Stark flair?

    2). Finally, "Converting A Ped Isn't A Pedestrian Task": Is there a guide for beginners to take models and convert them to add-on peds? Let me re-phrase that, is there a rudimentary guide for noobs? Like an instruction manual for converting models you'd give an 80 year old man who has finally learned to master Ctrl-Alt-Delete? HaHa. Here's the deal, I'd rather pay money to the talented folks to have a ped made. It's a win-win. Problem is, until I can rely on a more fixed and stable income, I have to limit the amount of money I can put toward GTA V modding. So, temporarily while I'm out of work, I want to make a few peds. Me and @TR71777 have been wanting to see more variety in the female pool by having some sistas made-- and to those who I've talked to about making black women peds, I still want to pay you; no worries there. Now, the one ped I want made-- the HOLY GRAIL ped in which I will pay upwards of $30USD: Bill Bixby, the OG Doctor Banner-- I'm still going to contract out. Bill Bixby requires a Jack Kirby, a Norman Rockwell, not a guy like me who draws stick figures. So, can someone point me to a guide and maybe the software (free or demo, please) I'll need?

    Thank you and God bless.

  • @BatKnight Funny thing you start a thread like this, during a time when I am strongly considering leaving GTAV for my return to Skyrim on Nexus Mods. As a matter of fact, I plan to write a short essay about my experiences here versus the many fond memories I have with my experience there at Nexus Mods, which IMHO, is the premier site for some of the most talented modders this side of Tamriel, LOL.

    Concerning your question, I eventually got really good at quickly hunting down textures in OpenIV. Over time, you will notice that there is a logical system in which GTA V places it's textures, based on what kind of textures - props, interiors, exteriors etc.

    One thing that helps is having a map that illustrates all the districts, eventually you can look at say Beverly Hills, and know exactly where to go, for say, any outside texture such as buildings, roads, etc.

    One thing I have had trouble with from time to time, is that I would do a retexture, launch game to view it in-game, and would be disappointed to find it did not go where I expected it would.

    Best way to overcome these problems, is to take screenshots of what you intend to retexture, AND surrounding textures, so that when you are searching in OpenIV for their locations, you can use your other surrounding texture-screenshots, to gain confidence that what you are about to retexture will be applied to where you want it to be.

  • @eshenk -- Leaving GTA V? Wait...what? I hope you stay, man. And, not just because you have some righteous textures, among other skills, but during the last "Update" fiasco, you really pulled a lot of people from the fire. Besides that, you bring some old-school metal to the boards, and we need "new" blood like that, bruv. About Skyrim, I was talking to my wife today about it, and how it truly is an all-purpose game. Years later, and it still surprises you by the talent and artistry people pour into it.

  • @BatKnight Not permanently did I mean that. I feel that my skills have been honed enough to apply them in other areas of interest. I am not looking forward to the installation process, which involves tons of tweaking, and plugin ordering, bash patches and merges. It will likely take me a week to get Skyrim fully modded, and tweaked to handle all that I will be throwing at it, LOL.

    Lately, I have been having an issue with cops refuses to come to my location when I earn a wanted level. I try to find them, and when/if I even do, they roll right by me as if I wasn't even there. I just installed RDE, and hope it serves me well, but with all the other mods, increases in ped and vehicle traffic, car replacements, etc, you just never know.

    I also find that the level of maturity at Nexus is much more to my liking, and as said before, these modders over there are the true GIANTS of the modding community. Even five years after it's release, the modding community is thriving just as much as ever. I can't wait to build the Skyrim of my dreams, with all the additional mods made since my departure, tweaks, tools and utilities, and updates to the older mods that have come such a long way over the past couple years. I will still have a presence here, but my mods for this site will definitely be on hiatus for awhile.

  • about pedestrians conversion

  • @BatKnight I know I'm late to the party but your 2nd part to your texture question. Were you wanting to add additional textures to an Iron Man HUD?

  • @Spud
    Yeah, I was thinking minor animations. Something like the HUD having moving images. For instance:
    [link text](link

    Notice when the HUD turns red, and the circular targeting animation over RDJ's left eye spins? Something like that-- just minor animations/sprites moving in the background. Doesn't have to even make sense; it's more eye candy than anything.

  • @BatKnight Yeah I see what you mean. For That to happen it is on the scripters side.

    Either a video overlay (probably impossible) or assign multiple png images to different in-game reactions/effects. Not moving but at least colours change.

    The latter is doable. All depending on JulioNIB.
    He is updating the mod btw (And FlashV), maybe message him on Facebook.

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