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PM me, and I will provide you what's needed to overcome R* update

  • Continue to play with all mods/scripts as before, before Today's update.

  • Why not just post it?

  • @Nikosuxxx Against site rules.


    @eshenk It's always annoying to hear someone say it (and believe me, I've been on the receiving end of this too), but ppl need to make backups. I do so fairly regularly, and was able to restore my GTA V install in a jiffy.

  • To revert GTA V Steam to earlier patch, you need:
    update.rpf (if you have this modded file in mods folder, copy this one)
    Social Club installer from Installers folder (Social-Club-Setup.exe)

    How to do it?

    Copy all of these files to be ready before a new update.
    When update will arrive, paste earlier patch files to their folders.
    Go to the Social Club installation folder (for me it's C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club).
    Change folder name to e.g. Social Club2.
    Install earlier Social Club version using Social-Club-Setup.exe.

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