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Favourite File Suggestion

  • Hi, here's a suggestion for the website.

    When you go onto someone's profile. It would let you see their favourite mod they have created

    alt text

  • Um... most popular file? It does the same function I guess.

  • I know but like for example, my most popular mod is my DUI Checkpoint mod, but my favourite mod I've created is my Metropolitan Emergency Station Pack.
    So it would let the mod created put their favourite mod they have created next to the most popular mod they created.

  • It's a good idea but I don't see the point of it...

  • At first glance it may seem like a good idea, but in reality, it isn't. Here's why:

    You have mods of all sorts. Some can be compared, while others can't. Can you say you prefer the (doesn't exist - example) "Ultimate 4K UHD Textures for GTA V" over the 500+ Addon-on vehicle pack [Add-on/Replace]"?

    You can't. You love both, but they have nothing to do with each-other. This feature would really only make sense if it were comparing very similar items like: Franklin's House retextured" vs "Franklin's 4K UHD Photo-realistic texture pack".
    The same can't be said here, can it. You'd choose the 4K UHD one wouldn't you?

    Now, while it would "make sense", it's very unpractical as you have so many different types of modifications, all having nothing to do with the other, so when put into practice, nobody would pay attention to this feature.

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