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Found a solution to fix the 4-5-2017 GTA5 update and restore Mod and Script Hook V functionality

  • Found a solution to fix the 4-5-2017 update problem and restore the mods and Script Hook V functionality:

    Let Steam update your game and when finished replace the GTA5.exe with the previous one prior to the update.

    If you are using Windows 7 right click on the GTA5.exe and choose "Restore previous versions".

    Since I deactivated the my "Restore previous versions" function, I had a friend send me the file after I asked him to get the file from his "Restore previous versions"

    All my mods worked except for the Hulk mod, which I will try to fix now.

    Hope this helps

  • Restored the HULK mod by reinstalling the following mods using OpenIV:

    • GTAV-HULKmodel-WIP
    • HULK script mod

    It now works !

  • @gta5sman Would you be so super kind enough to send the working gta5.exe or tell me a solution? I'm on windows10 and the restore to previous version thing won't do anything.

  • it doesn't let me restore the gta5.exe. Do you have an alternative?

  • The GTA.exe file prior to the update is 56.8 MB (59,604,992 bytes) in size. I cannot send a file that big.

    Maybe someone can upload it somewhere for download.

    The one you want is Product version 1.0.1011.1

    You can see the file version by right clicking on the GTA5.exe files and choosing Properties , then select the "Details" tab.

    Keep in mind, my file is for the Window 64 bit edition running on Windows 7.

  • @gta5sman Thank you for the information...

  • @gta5sman When I use the old GTA5.exe it still won't work as it asks me to activate the game again using my product key. Did that happen to you?

  • No, I did not need to reactivate the game.

    Here is what I did:
    I ran the game this morning using the desktop shortcut steam originally created on my desktop and it started to automatically update. Keep in mind that I bought and installed the game on March 30, 2017.

    After the update, I ran the game again using the same desktop shortcut. Within about 10 seconds Script Hook V presented an error dial box and the game did not load.

    I then had to stop the GTA.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe process using Task Maneger. Next, I replaced the GTA5.exe with the previous one prior to the update and it worked fine. No prompts for reactivation.

    The old GTA.exe file "you want" prior to the update is Product version 1.0.1011.1

    The "updated" GTA.exe file that breaks Script Hook V and the mods is Product version 1.0.1032.1 The file size on disk is 56.6 MB (59,387,904 bytes).

    The GTAVLauncher.exe file was not replaced during the update.

    Hope this helps

  • If this method worked for anyone, please post a reply to let us know.

  • Do you think you could upload the file on a service like mega or something and then put the link here? I cannot find the download anywhere.

  • @Bajevi Nobody can post links to original game files on the forums.

  • @LeeC2202 Ahhh ok sorry i didn't know that I am rather new to the modding scene.

  • @Bajevi No problem... it can be done by PM, just not publicly on the forums.


    @gta5sman Update.rpf got likely updated too. So, you may want to bring the new one over to your mods folder as well (and then copy your dlclist.xml and custom gameconfig back to it, of course). Might explain why your hulk mod was crashing.

  • Update.rpf did not need to be overwritten with the previous file. The updated Update.rpf file still allowed my mods to work.

    The scripts and mods I am currently using are:

    • CharacterMenu
    • GTAV-HULKmodel-WIP
    • Hulk Retexture By Rarefacer V2
    • HULK script mod
    • LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
    • Nuke Railgun V2 2.0
    • Open All Interiors v5.1
    • Ped Riot Chaos Mode 0.6.1
    • ScriptHookV
    • ScripthookVDotNet
    • Vehicle Cannon 2.0

  • My Hulk never crashed. Only the character skin was off. The reinstall of the Hulk nodes mentioned earlier fixed it.


    @gta5sman My point is, Update.rpf is what likely contains the steering fixes for the car. So why not update it in your mods folder as well? That's what you want, after all: the unchanged gta5.exe + the car fixes. :)


    @gta5sman said in Found a solution to fix the 4-5-2017 GTA5 update and restore Mod and Script Hook V functionality:

    My Hulk never crashed. Only the character skin was off. The reinstall of the Hulk nodes mentioned earlier fixed it.

    Also, not to be too negative (cautious, rather), but you really gotta ask yourself why the mod failed -- even if it's just a skin. The logical inference would be that something else changed (that you are still unaware of). It's almost a shame you already reinstalled it. Were it me, I had tried and find the diffs first.

  • @meimeiriver I am a newbie, I just bought and installed it 6 days ago.

    So, I do not know too much about the GTA5 system, but learning quickly.

  • Is there a new scripthook out yet cause using an older gta5.exe doesn't work.


    @ConnorReinhold Not yet. Check for yourself: Script Hook V

  • Can someone PM me the exe from before update? It would be much appreciated.

  • Mate, this worked flawlessly, thank you so goddamn much, I invested 60+ hours into modding the goddamn game since I downloaded it two weeks ago, the restore previous versions did not work, though luckily I had a backup copy and I copy and pasted over it and it worked, no more critical errors, you are the best mate !!!!

  • Could someone be kind enough and PM me the previous .exe cause I cannot do the restore previous version option. Thank you.

  • Can i find an older GTA5.exe online somewhere?

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