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Can we change pedestrians that ride a bike (in traffic) and the bikes?

  • It's always a guy, and of the same class, and the same 2 or 3 bikes, you never see some fat guy on a harley, or a a woman EVER on it.


    Probably set that in the popgroups? Either that, or more <drivers> in vehicles.meta...

  • @ReNNie it's on vehicles meta (for drivers).thank you i will try it out !

  • @BladeRJ Well that didn't work, i guess the game is hardcoded. I changed pcj to female models only,and increased its chance of apearing,20 bikes and all the default male character as always. :(

  • Well it seems the game really doesnt like female drivers on bike. it just crashes,refuse to load the bikes i set,or randomly change driver lol .i'm going to try to replace the pedestrian models.
    wich folder should i use to replace male models for the females one ?

  • Well to anyone wondering the answer is no. i tried setting what drivers could sit in what bikes, this just mess the game and makes it loads random pedestrians from other zones. So i tried cheating by replacing the models of male characters that always drive a bike for females ones, the game just refuse to load bikes in transit,and its not a ped problem becouse they load normally as ambience while switched....guess we will never see female motobikers :(

  • @BladeRJ said in Can we change pedestrians that ride a bike (in traffic) and the bikes?:

    guess we will never see female motobikers

    It could be done with a script mod. Pick a valid location on a street, spawn a bike/motorcycle there, put a female ped on it and give them a task to just drive around.

    Maybe one of the guys still doing script mods can do it... or have a go at making it.

    You need:
    A function that picks a location around the player.
    One that converts that location to the nearest position on the street.
    One that spawns a Vehicle (Bike/Motorcycle) at that location.
    One that spawns a Ped straight onto the bike/motorcycle.
    And one that gives the Ped the Task Sequence of just driving around.

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