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[SCRIPT] Driver for robbers

  • So i love the movie Drive, and i have just finished watching it (again). Now when i go back to GTA i hope there would be some awesome way to be an Escape driver for some people making it robbery, you get a split of the cake for taking them to safety basicly. Unfortunaly i have looked alot around and cant seem to find one that is not a mission you can only play once and then it will just be the same... It would be awesome if someone could make a mod that would allow you to trigger the missions over maybe some fleeca bank's or just some gas stations, where some npc's run in and rob it, then rush out to your car and you drive away from the cops and sets the npc's off at a destination.


    We need missions like in the game Driver. Period. I still love that old game and it's handling with a wheel.

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