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Problem Recording Rockstar editor

  • Hi everybody

    Here I come to you for a problem
    I would like to make my recordings with rockstar software
    But the first recording of about 35s works perfectly but celuis that must follow the 2nd in the tramp me crash my games systematically

    I use an earlier version of GTA5 (version .877 Online 1.36) with the mods REDUX v1.1
    Someone would have any idea ?

    Thank you all

  • @redavex Why don't you update to the latest version?

  • @V4D3R Because the base was a test and I still can not find the files to do it

  • @redavex Did you buy the game?

  • @Kwebbl I have both an official version that I bought for the online and a crack version for the add-on car

  • @redavex You can simply make an second root for your modded game. It's simple. Just stay legit and if you're just to scared to go into online by accident, Scripthook will end the game if you go online. I suggest to go around on this forum for some basic info informations and such. :slight_smile: And the recording issue is most likely caused by your gameconfig.xml. Type "F7YO" on the main site and you'll get an config which fixed that problem for me.

  • @Kwebbl Ok I'll watch it all :) thanks again for your answer

  • @redavex No problem, It's easy and there shouldn't be any complications. I guess just getting really started is difficult :D

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