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Weird issue with Numpad 0 key

  • When I'm holding it, game goes into crawl dropping to 1 fps. My mod list:
    2x Longer days
    Heist Vehicles in SP
    Realistic Blood
    Realistic Driving
    Self Radio
    Simple Foot Controls
    Website Hax (mod to spawn vehicles from in-game internet menu)
    Along with all required tools and utilities. All mods work perfectly fine.

    When I go into scripts folder and delete all Self Radio and 2x Longer Days files, holding Numpad 0 drops only to 25 FPS. Thing is, I checked every log, and no trace of what might be wrong. That's probably something with Script Hook files.

    If someone has any leads, it'd be great to hear what might be causing it and how to fix it, otherwise if someone could try to hold this key in their game and confirm this issue also would be helpful.

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