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Can someone make some new BMW's ?

  • I'm thinking of some BMW touring cars (E30,E36,E91) coupe (E92) BMW 2002, BMW e31 850, BMW E24 635csi.
    Of course if there is any chance :)

  • @Pavle Maybe if you can get your hands on some models or list some games which have those models in decent quality like Forza 4 and newer.

  • @Pavle i have a few nice models, if anyone want's them i can provide for free. here. if you want me to convert one, you'll have to leave a donation :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta Working for money now? :no_good:

  • @V4D3R i just need motivation. if there is no donation, i'll just keep making the mods i like myslef. if there is a donation. i got motivation to do a Mod that i might never try making myself :)

    Edit: time is not on my side anymore. i go to job . and then come back home and get like 2 hours per day for my Favorite Hobby. Modding and especially 3d rigging :) if i get a donation for that, i'll keep doing it. or else resting or other stuff feels better. if there is no mod in my mind to do :)


    @FoxtrotDelta said in Can someone make some new BMW's ?:

    2 hours per day

    Still double the time I've got available a day on my favorite hobby

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