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  • Characters' stuff disappear in the game.
    First it was Franklin's own vehicle Buffalo Bravado. It lost!
    And now it's bed from Michael and Amanda bedroom from Michael's house. It lost too!
    What will be next? Who steals the stuff of my characters? =)
    Sorry for flame and please help me!

  • @mrphillips Huh?!?

  • @mrphillips I had this happen once. The reason was an early version of ImNotMental's Single player apartment mod. it needs to switch to multiplayer map but all the single player items have to be respawned by the code because online dismisses them all in the first place. So, do you have any mod installed which uses the multiplayer map? If so then deactivate it and look if this solves your issue.
    Also, having multiple MP map mods activating the MP map is a bad idea but you can change that. For instance, I use Simple trainer, the Single player apartment mod and OpenAllInteriors. All of the 3 have the option to turn off the switch to MP map. Allow only ONE mod to do the switch. If that doesn't help, you found a fowl egg which doesn't respawn the SP items. In this case let another mod do the switch.

  • @Cyron43 Thanks! I'll try to fix it.

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