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[PLAYER] kids

  • I want to see children walking in my games kill kids hahahahah

  • @WhySoSeious Your username goes pretty well with your request.

    Until I read your post.

  • is there a easy way to resize adults ? the mennyoo option makes them too small and break acessories and animations.

  • @WhySoSeious @BladeRJ Guys, here is a easy way to reduce the size of peds, without advanced modding knowledge or touch components or complex things like the rigging and keeping their functions in game without issues:

    The recommended size to avoid strange animations, is a value 70% - 85%

    @WhySoSeious your request argument is a bit bizarre xD

  • @Rarefacer thank you

  • @WhySoSeious said in [PLAYER] kids:

    I want to see children walking in my games kill kids hahahahah

    You should visit somebody

  • @Rarefacer hey, do i need to do that resizing for every piece of clothing from peds ? ig bankman is a character so he only has one piece,not components.
    That way more time consuming then i expected.....i wanted to make a teenage repack.....oh well, lets give it a whirl

  • @BladeRJ As you see in the videotutorial, no matter how many components has the ped or if is for cutscenes, you can select all model components and re-scale to the desired size even if is street a ped. The only thing to do as extra, is repeat the rescale operation for each LOD model selecting the buttons "L0, L1, L2...etc ".

  • I don't think this is a good idea...

    Someone lock this topic before it went into sh*t?

    @FoxtrotDelta @Jitnaught @ikt @Unknown Modder

    Mod edit: Please do not bump old threads.

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