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  • Long story short:

    I've got some graphical issues at the moment, I can't even load up the godforsaken game. -_-

    I'm talking to Nvidia support right now, but I'm almost 100% it's a hardware issue and won't be fixed for quite a while.

    Anybody mind taking some shots please?

  • @aidenpatrickPGH have you tried disabling SLI? SLI causes issues for alot of games. Also you want screenshots of what?

  • @Willief23 Yeah, they told me that I need to switch the card slots. I may not actually need screenshots.

    I'll get back once I see if it's been resolved.

  • @aidenpatrickPGH So much for getting back to us, LOL.

  • @eshenk my bad man, no it looks as if it may need replaced. Hopefully not :pray_tone3:

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