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[DONE] Professional photos for a Dodge Ram 1500.

  • With the Dodge Ram 1500 reaching near completion soon, I want to know if anyone would like to help create professional photos like those seen in other car mods?

  • @Victor124268 what year is that ram dude

  • @Victor124268 cancel that man it a 2001


  • @Jitnaught I was asking Victor what year is that ram but then I clicked the link and found out it was a 2001 and then i said cancel that so he doesn't have to respond


  • Does anyone want to do it? You'll get the final model earlier before it's uploaded.

  • @Victor124268 I'm not particularly interested in the model but I have a personal photo mod that I could run the model through a few preset sets if you want some options.

    Some sample shots in these posts:




    I just create presets, go to different locations and let it run and generate opportunities for screengrabs.

    Or this link has all the ones I have posted in one easy package for you to browse at your leisure. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0cXNZRXFjeE9UdFk/view?usp=sharing

    Note, these are not editor shots, they are all in-game using QuantV and my own ENB settings. I can pick specific times of day, weather and screen effects at various levels. As well as open all doors/boot/hood, have lights on or off etc... Vehicles spawn with random tuning parts, so I get a variation on the vehicles every time it goes through a set of presets.

    All I need to do is hit the PrtScn key if/when a good photo appears.

    Edit: Oh and that logo in the corner... that can be changed and moved to any corner... or removed completely.

    Be aware though, this mod does require a fully set up model, with relevant bone hierarchy in place at the correct locations to work. Missing or misplaced bones will cause shots to be shown incorrectly.

  • What I have done, is downloaded the Beta model, created an addon pack for it (handy addon making tool :slight_smile: ) and have changed my photo mod to use an option in the ini file, so I can create presets around a specific vehicle. I was using a zion2 but now I can use any vehicle specifically.

    I will create a vehicle list for just this Dodge and run through some sample shots later. I can then highlight any issues and provide some more relevant sample shots.

  • @Victor124268 Here's a 7z containing 27 sample shots out of 78 I just captured. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0RTVTM3ZDZXAxdzg/view?usp=sharing

    To be honest, many of the presets I have are unusable because of the amount of work left to do on the model. As it improves, there will be more scope for different shots. But many expose gaps in the model where the background shows through, or lights shine through etc...

    Not least is the work on the suspension and wheel collision that is causing the wheels to float above the ground. That means that the vehicle has to be positioned in a way to minimise that, or you don't show the wheels near the ground.

    This was also just using a couple of locations... this was just 20 minutes of collecting and I usually spend a couple of hours with a vehicle around the map.

  • @LeeC2202 Thank you. I do have a near complete model available that may help or not. I should have checked earlier.

  • @Victor124268 All I can suggest is to look through the links I have posted and if it seems like my mod will produce the screens you want, I can initiate a chat where you can (if you want) let me try it on the better model.

    My mod doesn't produce shots that everyone will like. It can't do action shots, or shots with a driver in, or with the wheels turned. But with a good model and a lot of luck, it can generate some fairly decent screens... the option's there if you think it will help.

    I have infinite free time and as an artist/photographer, I can spend all day watching images get generated. :D It's relaxing, therapeutic fun.

  • @LeeC2202 I do like the pictures that I see. Where would you like to chat? Let me upload the near complete model to Google Drive and I will send the link.

  • @Victor124268 I'll initiate a chat on here, I don't communicate anywhere else, but I have my chat locked down so I have to initiate it.

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