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Adding buildings to Map Editor

  • Hey guys I've always wondered, Since I became using Map editor, why we had so few buildings in Object List so I've found a a way to add almost every building in the list! This could be useful for those, like me, who love creating maps from scratch adding town to desert area! If you guys are interested in upvote the comment and I will post as soon as I can the guide!

  • you can already have all gta building using the 10K objectlist addon ;P (you also have the ground/ road / river / etc coming with it ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh I could't find every building in the 10k list I'm using openiv to search the file I want (First search the locatioj then the model) and then, after have found the id number of the object, I insert it manually in the object list file! Now I'm in vacation so cannot upload the guide! :(

  • @Marco_italy Do you search a specific build ? if yes may I can help you (I begin to well know the 10K list ) just ask ;)

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