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Downloads seem to recognize as text files

  • Lately I've been having downloads being auto-opened/recognized as text files. Thought this was just me until I saw similar comments. Anybody having similar issues?

    Firefox 52.0.2 64-bit on Windows 10.

  • Yeah, the downloads always came with the .txt extension for me. I manually renamed them to .rar

  • @ikt Can you give me a link to an example of a mod that does this so I can take a look? Also what browser / OS are you on?



    @ikt said in Downloads seem to recognize as text files:

    Firefox 52.0.2 64-bit on Windows 10.

    This happens with me too (Firefox, Windows 8.1), although not Oskar's problem.

    Here's a picture.

  • Ah alright, thanks for the screenshot, I should be able to sort that out

  • @Jitnaught I think I may have fixed it for new uploads. Can you try downloading this mod and checking to see if it still happens for you: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sun-valley


  • @rappo
    Fixed for me too here :)


    @rappo thank you for prompt action and resolution.

  • @rappo What about older downloads? Still happening to me with Skyline's F/A-18D.
    alt text

  • @Oskar I'll see if there's a way I can do it for older downloads all at once. If not, probably won't happen sorry, it'll be a nightmare having to go through them all...

  • @rappo It looks like when I had my website's mime type setup to treat .7z files as the wrong type of file. So even though they have a zip extension, the site is telling the browser that it's a text file.

  • The problem is that my file host changed the way they treat Content-Type headers on me. Past file uploads had blank content types, and the browsers were figuring it out on their own. Looks like now the file host is returning the plain text content type if it's blank.

  • That's a pain. :(

  • @rappo Could re-uploads fix this? If so, just users telling the authors to re-upload their files should do the trick.


    @ikt no it's not going to do anything. As the host of the file has changed settings. I think it's going to take a while to correct it for all downloads. In the meanwhile , ppl can manually rename the file and add .rar extension at the end.

    Edit: proven wrong. read the comment below.

  • Re-uploading files would fix it, but I don't want people just re-uploading files when there's no update.

  • @rappo

    had the same issue, Glad you could fix it.
    I do not want to take over this topic but a small question to Rappo

    A few months ago i asked if u could make a button also to clear all
    My Followed Files
    My Liked Files
    Like you did at
    My Bookmarks

    Any one this is still happening?
    or could you ( i don't know if you have the ability to whipe then at once for me?)
    because it's a pain to click uncheck a lot xD

    Topic author Glad the issue is fixed. Even still i had this issue when i downloaded the file when it said text it still downloaded as a .rar/.zip file anyways :-)

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