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is it possible to increase ped amount in specific areas ?

  • If it helps someone else i dont really care, just as long as its not COMPLETELY offtopic.
    But my question remains,i can't set amount for a specific region ? for example, i know you can set what vehicles go in what zones , can't you increase ped by zones ?

    Also this game really hates woman in bikes, anyone know wich folder i should look to replace the male model for a female one ?i tried the x64V/E but didnt make any difference

  • @BladeRJ The only way I can think of you perhaps being able to do it, is by editing the popgroups, then editing popcycles. But from what I discovered, editing popcycles only defines what percentage of the total amount get spawned and popgroups just defines what gets spawned.

    But you can't make popcycles give you more than 100% of what the game will spawn, you can't make a particular area have more than 100%. So what you would have to do, is increase the amount that all zones allow, then reduce other zones to limit their amount, rather than try and increase individual zones.

    I have no idea if that would even work though, ped density (and traffic density for that matter) always seemed to be a case of changing values and seeing no difference. I think that's why there are no mods that are intended to change particular areas, because you can only affect it on a global scale... or at least, that's about as much as I have been able to put together based on my brief look into the problem.

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