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Is there any way to play in the same world using Multiplayer Co-oP Mod 0.9.3

  • First of all the description for this modes states:

    "Ever dreamed of a cooperative mode in a grand theft auto game? Well, now it's a reality, sort of. "

    My friend and I are using Multiplayer Co-oP Mod 0.9.3 and it works fine.

    The problem is that we do not see the same NPCs (vehicles, pedestrians, etc..) as you would if playing in the online mode.

    For instance, when our players are standing next to each other in the game, on his screen you can see the cops on the street, but on my screen I do not see the cops. Also when he is shooting at something, I do not see the items he his shooting at.

    For example, we both have the Vehicle Cannon 2.0 mod installed and they work on both computers. However, in the Co-op mode, I can't see the cars being shot out of his gun on my screen and he can't see the cars shooting out of my gun on his screen.

    Basically, it seems that we do not really share the same world together, we only share a "sort of" world, but cannot interact with the same NPCs.

    Is this what the description on the mod page means by "sort of"?

    Is there any way to fully share the same world?

  • @gta5sman you might need the same exact mods installed on both computers. Im just guessing as i dont use the mod, but that would be one of the first things i would try. To have the same exact mods installed on both computers to see if that helps.

  • Has anyone else experienced this?

  • @gta5sman This kind of thing is only really done on server based multiplayer games. That way the server creates the world and then sends that out to all the players, so everyone has the same items in the same places.

    A lot of MP systems choose not to do that due to the amount of processing power required on the server end.

    What this mod would need, is the ability to host a dedicated server that players log into and that might allow it to create a proper shared world.

    The funny thing is that when Psygnosis first brought out their multiplayer Formula 1 game, it had the same problem. Both players were on the same track but the cars in each persons game were doing different things. :D

  • @LeeC2202

    (1) Is "technically" possible to host a dedicated server that would allow users to play in the same world via the single player story mode and a mod add-in?

    (2) If is is "technically" possible to host a dedicated server, do you think we can get GTAV users to contribute to a fund to pay for it?

    (3) Would it be possible to add a poll to this website to (a) see how many people would be interested in the dedicated server and (b) also if they are willing to help support it via financial contributions?

    It would be interesting to see. There may also be a tech wizard out there that would be interested in setting it up.

  • @gta5sman My guess...

    1. No, I very much doubt it.

    2. If 1 was possible, I doubt very much anyone would pay for it.

    3. Yes, you can create a question and add a poll to it... not sure how it works as I have never done it.

    But honestly, if it involves money, it's not going to attract a lot, if any interest. Think about it, GTAV online is effectively free and many people prefer the single-player modded game. I've had GTAV for well over a year and have never played online...

    It would also be a massive amount of work for something that could effectively be shut down in an instant if Rockstar chooses. Very few people will commit time to something that has so much uncertainty attached to it. I just don't think you'd get anyone taking up the offer but feel free to create a poll to get some feedback.

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