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[VEHICLE][WIP] Annis Beatriz (Provisional name)

  • when i noticed that GTA V did not have any propper Nissan S-Chassis i decided to make one (this case went for the S14 kouki). Here is the progress. Enjoy

    Okay, first of all i used a Dinka Chavos from GTA IV as a base car (The front end was like a s14 one) . Converted it to a 2 coupe, made the doors bigger, made the rear end longer and lower, added spoiler, bigger wheel arches, modified the side doors. i still need to make the whole rear end wider as it is too thinn and fix the messed polys.

    here some pictures of the actual car. i´m quite happy how it is looking :)

    Updates tomorrow.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Looks pretty good,but a Zirconium ?
    Since you aimed for something like the Nissan Silvia,why not name it Annis Beatriz (love the Model Name btw.)
    The only Thing that I don't like are the Taillights...
    The Silvia is a sleek and dynamic Car,but those Taillights just don't look right.How about trying something like the Taillights from the GTA SA Elegy?
    Keep up the good Work.

  • @kermanRB12 i decided to call it zirconium because the Stratum (wich was bassed on a 4 door nissan skyline), but yeah, Annis sounds also really cool :)

  • New Progress:

    -Changed taillight size
    -Made back end of the car wider
    -Imporoved rear window shape

    alt text
    alt text


    Very skillfull :)

  • @ReNNie you like the lights? i got inspired by the S15

  • Those rear Lights look much better now.

  • There are not going to be posts in the next 2 weeks as im not going to be at home, so don´t think this is a dead mod.

    i leave you with comparison pics betwen original Chavos and Beatriz.




    At this point the mod is half waay to be finished. still need to:

    -convert to GTA V
    -Fix broken meshes
    -add tunning parts and livery mapping

  • Damn man, that's looking freaking cool! Let's see how it will evolve ;)

  • Hopefully this is not dead, i will try to resume the work on this asap. i just lost the motivation now

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