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Become an Airline Pilot today!!!!

  • Hello Everyone!

    I have been working on s plugin for RagePluginHook that allows you to become a airline pilot for Los Santos Airlines!

    You will literally be living the life of an airline pilot. Below are the current features, as this is still a work in progress! :)


    • Realistic ATC Audio ( Ask for permission to take-off, land, taxi, enter airspace, etc... )
    • Follow certain procedures to start the aircraft ( It will be a cool experience )
    • Land at different airports
    • Actual passengers ( This was harder than I thought! Im making it work though )
    • Redone turbulence and weather 'physics'
    • Some things you will see in an airplane
    • Heads-up-Display

    Now I have been working on a base that will allow you to do something EXTREMELY COOL

    Once OpenIV finishes their GTA IV map conversion to GTA V, I am going to use reference points from the map, to allow even more customization options within the mod.

    It will take some time (YEARS MAYBE... Jk) But I expect it to take a bit. Considering I am trying to aim for as much realism as possible, its very hard to achieve that in a game, that wasn't suppose to be realistic.

    Join my Discord for more information, and message me. Im the Owner :) :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


  • @SteveTheKing04 hopefully a .net version will come as well =P

  • @Elope Ohh definitely. I will try my hardest too! :) I just, at the moment, think rage with GTA is expandable.

  • @SteveTheKing04 awesome :airplane:

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Every time I take one of Skylines commercial planes for a flight I envision this idea lol. Maybe you can make an optional chaos mode where the weather is out of control and many factors in the flight (terrorist threat?) can aggressively modify the flight or even the plane (like loosing an engine). I will definitely follow this mod, looks very promising.

  • @metroidguy yea or something like a blown open cargo door with following engine damage hehe...

  • @metroidguy @SkylineGTRFreak what about bird strike XD I really experienced a bird strike ingame once,scared the hell out of me :/ and with that blood script I've installed,gore.....

  • I will try my best. Some of these things are possible. Others are not. but I WILL TRY FOR YOU GUYS AHA! :)

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