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scripthookv update?

  • Well its been past 4 days and scripthookv hasn't been updated yet any update on its new update coming?

  • @TR71777 I don't normally get concerned about the update but considering this was allegedly an easy fix for the RageHook devs, this delay is a worry. It makes me wonder if Alex is actually in bad health or anything, this is very unlike him.

    You have to consider there might be something serious involved this time. :(


    Probably tomorrow according to OpenIV: https://twitter.com/OpenIV/status/850814657677975552

  • @Unknown-Modder LOL at the guy who made that fake statement having the same picture as rappo does on here. :D

    rappo the secret ScriptHookV troll? ;)

  • @LeeC2202 ahh ok that's understandable ill be praying for him and his family

  • @LeeC2202 lol wow lol

  • Why are we relying on one man to play with mods? Aren't there other skillful modders around who can create a similar file to scripthook? And don't come with the ''copyright'' argument here, the entire pc modding community needs this file to play, it's puzzling how no one bothered to release another file like scripthook. Now we're stuck with an unplayable game. Fuck Rockstar

  • @LtRob If people really wanted to they probably could make it. But I guess people just want to "respect" Alexander's work since he really is the "God" of modding and without him, this all wouldn't be possible.

    Plus, I really don't care. Offline mode FTW..


    It's been updated for those who didn't know yet.

  • Don't worry It's updated ! Enjoy!

  • cool I got the update now some of my scripts ain't working do I have to wait for the scripthook.net to be updated next?


    @TR71777 Which ones aren't working? And SHVDN doesn't need to be updated.

  • @Unknown-Modder ok I just fixed it I had to redownload the SHVDN I have to redownload the ones that need them it should work now lol thanks bro

  • updated script hook , look he is site

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