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[VEHICLE][RELEASED] 2014 Ferrari F60 America

  • @Asyr0n Still no time for the add-on rims Bro???

  • @Asyr0n thanks for the lier and the ethernal wait for nothing man. You could just said NO! that 'u won't be doing the add-on rims and that's all.

  • @JCM Sorry to disappoint you man, i was focusing my work and time on bringin other cars to V. I did not forget the rims request, and i'm still planning to make a rims pack. Non the less Add-on Rim packs seem to have some compatibility issues with à couple of game versions, so i'm still figuring that out. Plus i did inform myself how to create the rims for replace version, but as i said, i have other priorities. I'm slow and lazy, so be patient my friend ;)

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